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On The BurnerRead more +07 December 2017 By Ender Bowen in Studio Journal

On The Burner Vol. 1 No. 12 – Baby Break

So Baby Number Two (JJ) is here! And holy cow am I exhausted! But that's okay. That doesn't mean I'm sitting around dormant. Here's what's On The Burner.
Hey, You're A Dad Again!Read more +06 December 2017 By Ender Bowen in The Journal

Hey, You’re A Dad Again!

I've always found the phrase "you're a dad again" to be rather silly. It's not like you ever stopped being a dad. Or did you? Here's what I learned.
On The BurnerRead more +02 November 2017 By Ender Bowen in Studio Journal

On The Burner Vol. 1 No. 11 – Taking The Album Title Literally

I had no idea that THE ART OF TACTFUL PROCRASTINATION would go from being a joke album title to being darn near literal. 2006 is laughing at me.

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