Passing Up Judgment And Being Better Than I Am

Religion, Spirituality… they are not for determining if you are better than others, but for finding out how to be better than you are. So stop worrying about the judgments of others.

Compassion's Place In An Offended Society

Compassion compels us to open our ears and hearts no matter what side we are on. If you’re offended, that means compassion is your duty too.

How Proximity Affects Compassion

How Proximity Affects Compassion

You may think you’re just venting your anger, but have you considered who you may be hurting with your words?

Justice - The Error In Judging With Our Hearts

Human beings have a tendency to judge based solely on how we feel about a person or situation. But isn’t that why “Justice is Blind”?

The Only Thing God Creates Is Opportunity

Every day is full of opportunities that God brings directly to you. Though it may not seem it, these opportunities are gifts.

How Do You Know You're Doing The Right Thing?

Often in life we get confused about what the “right thing to do” is. Sometimes it may not appear to be so obvious. So what do you do?

A Good Infection

Sometimes in life we get sick, hurt or just plain miserable, we refuse to allow ourselves to feel good. How can you fight an infection with Joy?

What You Should Be Doing In The Meantime

We are often consumed by the idea of “arriving”. But if God is going to reveal us to the world when He’s ready, what should we be doing in the meantime?

When A Blessing Appears To Be A Curse

Sometimes a blessing can come in disguise – it can come at you sideways, feeling less like a blessing and more like a curse.