How I Found Faith In The Face of Fact

In a class that found most of its students reveling in what they saw as the fiction of Faith, I found an altogether different kind of Joy.

Why You Shouldn't Invest In Hate

To want anything less than happiness, redemption, and the best for another human being is not an exercise in Compassion – it is an investment in Hate.

Active Compassion on Social Media

Who are we really offending on social media, and how can we use the concept of active compassion to better, and more compassionately, display our opinions?

Why We Shouldn't Be Surprised That We Have So Many Enemies

Why Do I Have So Many Enemies

There’s so much hate and negativity because of our eagerness to define others by that one thing we don’t like. What if we put all that effort into making allies instead of enemies?

What My Daughter Has Taught Me About Unconditional Love

When my daughter was born two years ago today, I suddenly gained insight into the concept of Unconditional Love, and what it might mean.

Why It's Important to Listen and Be Humble

Are You Asking For Help Or Looking For Affirmation? If you stop, listen, and be Humble, you’ll soon understand the difference.

The Actionable Nature Of The Holy Trinity

Father. Son. Holy Spirit. These three elements make up the Holy Trinity. They also explain the actionable concepts of Love, Compassion and Joy.

Do You Truly Love Your Neighbor As Yourself?

The concept behind “love your neighbor” goes much deeper than just treating someone else as you would want to be treated. What is it? And what do you do with it?

Narcissism Invents Enemies

The more we simply attack those that disagree, the longer we go without putting true, positive change into the world. And that world is shared by all of us.