Let's Stop Being Offended By The Best Wishes Of Others

Have we become so PC that offending people with our best wishes is becoming the norm? Isn’t it an expression of love regardless of faith?

Be Charitable: God Has An Abundance Of Resources

Helping others is not always easy. But the sooner we understand that God has an abundance of resources, the sooner we could do some amazing things.

How Comparing Yourself to Others Can Lead to Disaster

Spending our lives comparing ourselves to other people leads us down a dark road where we don’t actually live our lives or invest in what we already have.

Tragedy And The Struggle For Faith

Tragedy And The Struggle For Faith

When a tragedy happens, it reminds us not that we don’t love or value other human beings – it reminds us that, ultimately, we do.

Only Compassion Can Defeat Ignorance And Bigotry

It doesn’t make sense to respond to perceived ignorance and bigotry with further ignorance and bigotry. Only Compassion can win the day.