On The Burner

So Baby Number Two (JJ) is here! And holy cow am I exhausted! But that’s okay. That doesn’t mean I’m sitting around dormant. Here’s what’s On The Burner.

Hey, You're A Dad Again!

Hey, You’re A Dad Again!

I’ve always found the phrase “you’re a dad again” to be rather silly. It’s not like you ever stopped being a dad. Or did you? Here’s what I learned.

On The Burner

I had no idea that THE ART OF TACTFUL PROCRASTINATION would go from being a joke album title to being darn near literal. 2006 is laughing at me.

Some Might Say You Get What You've Been Given

Some might say I’ve been blessed to spend time with my daughter most fathers don’t get. But with the birth of a baby boy imminent, how might things change?

On The Burner

Album music is pretty much done, but the lyrics aren’t coming out like I’d like, so singles are still a bit behind. What else is On The Burner?

On The Burner

Album work continues, I learned a ton at the CDBaby DIY Musicians Conference, I’m looking for a social media team, and Facebook Live is happening!

Paramore, Hunchback Whale, Celeste and Benjamin Marshall

Music from Paramore, Hunchback Whale, Celeste and Benjamin Marshall. Check them out on Listen Up. YouTube and Spotify!

Ender Bowen’s 2013 song “Believe” has been made an Official Selection at the Miami Beach Film Festival.

The Words Aren't Coming Out

The Words Aren’t Coming Out

The total eclipse, random letters in my mail box, and the CD Baby Do It Yourself Conference is coming up. Send me your prayer wishes!