Offer A Compliment To Someone You'd Least Like To

No matter how you feel about someone, it has little to do with who they really are. So offer a compliment – it may be well-deserved.

Making Sense Of What You Should Be Doing - And Why

How often have you said “This isn’t what I should be doing”? Then why are you doing it? Don’t look for a way out. Look for the reason you’re there.

On The Burner

Preparing my slate for the fall, looking toward getting songs and videos ready, and directing a sitcom pilot! This and more on the burner!

Filming It's Complicated

Sometimes It’s Not That Complicated

This past July I got to direct a web television pilot! How the heck did THAT happen?!

On The Burner

The direction of the album, singles in the fall, The Dream Divide is coming, and what the heck is Elrik O’Dune? This and more on the burner!


Ender Bowen’s 2013 song “Believe” has been selected as a Finalist at the Miami Beach Film Festival.

Elrik O'Dune K Logo

Ender Bowen releases announcement teaser for his 2018 book series Elrik O’Dune, described as “James Bond in a fantasy setting”.

The Killers Brandon Flowers

New Music From The Killers, Arcade Fire, New Pornographers

Dance Like Everyone Is Watching

Dance Like Everyone Is Watching

Dancing is one of the most basic expressions of who any given human being is. So dance like EVERYONE is watching and share the Joy of you!