The Truth About Faith

Part 1 of my series on the relationship between Science and Religion focuses on the truth about Faith. What is it? Why is it? And how do we perceive it?

Bad Dreams And The Fears Of Being A Parent

Lately I’ve been having bad dreams about my daughter Addison. What is it that’s terrifying me, and what can I do about it?

Be James Bond

Do you feel you lack confidence? Are you looking for an easy way to attain it? Here’s a simple thing to try: pretend you’re James Bond.

On The Burner

April was a month full of back-end work. See what that work is all about and what it means for my other projects!

Why Do We Struggle With Temptation

Why do we struggle with Temptation? What can your own temptations tell you about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and God’s calling for you?

On The Burner

Four months into the year and the album is moving at a decent pace, while I’ve just finished the first edit of my next book. See what’s coming!

Do Not Let Yourself Feel Powerless

No one likes to feel powerless, as though the entire world is against you. How can you empower yourself to bend that world to your will?

Why It's Important To Know The Difference Between Selfishness And Self-Compassion

What is self-compassion? What is the difference between that and selfishness? And how is it key to understanding how to love thy neighbor?

Make Someone's Day By Sharing The Power Of A Smile

A smile appears to have this strange, incomprehensible power. Not just over you, but over those you share it with. Make someone smile and watch it go viral!