How is God’s unconditional Love defined? What is the nature of Compassion? In God Jots I share my thoughts and experiences on God, Love, Compassion and Joy. I don’t know all the secrets and I don’t have all the answers. What I do have is a Love for God, Compassion for His children, and a firm belief that I can bring people Hope and Joy.

Why Do We Struggle With Temptation

Why do we struggle with Temptation? What can your own temptations tell you about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and God’s calling for you?

Why It's Important To Know The Difference Between Selfishness And Self-Compassion

What is self-compassion? What is the difference between that and selfishness? And how is it key to understanding how to love thy neighbor?

Doing God's Work And Accepting The Challenge

God is very deliberate in the challenges he places in front of us. Doing God’s work means taking those challenges on, and being grateful for them.

The Truth About Chaos (It's Not What You Think)

If the world and the universe are both full of chaos, how can there possibly be a God? That’s because chaos is a matter of perception, not the truth.

Sometimes When You Drag Your Feet, God Gives You A Push

When God gives you a push, something amazing is indeed waiting for you. It’s a rare thing, but it soon becomes clear why He does this.

How Do You Know God Has A Purpose For You

If God has a plan, why are you still struggling? How do you know God hasn’t abandoned you? Maybe you’re STILL HERE for a reason.

Being Better Than I Am

Being Better Than I Am

Religion, Spirituality… they are not for determining if you are better than others, but for finding out how to be better than you are.

Compassion's Place In An Offended World

Compassion compels us to open our ears and hearts no matter what side we are on. If you’re offended, that means compassion is your duty too.

How Proximity Affects Compassion

How Proximity Affects Compassion

You may think you’re just venting your anger, but have you considered who you may be hurting with your words?