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How To Set Up Your Mail List In Mail Chimp

Having a Mail List is absolutely crucial in growing and maintaining your audience. Here’s a tutorial on how to set up a list with MailChimp.

Ender Bowen - Lemonymous Cover

It’s finally time to reflect on what I did right and what I did wrong during the process of producing last year’s Lemonymous Reissue.

Ender Bowen - Lemonymous Cover

Part 5 of my BTS series on LEMONYMOUS’s 10th Anniversary Reissue focuses on my Kickstarter campaign.

Ender Bowen - Lemonymix Cover

In part 4 of my behind the scenes of the Lemonymous reissue production, I go into detail about how I handled its companion CD LEMONYMIX.

Ender Bowen - Lemonymous Cover

How I Mastered My Album Using LANDR

With the Lemonymous funding campaign in full swing it was time to get to work mixing and mastering the album. Part 3 of the series.

Ender Bowen - Lemonymous Cover

In Part 2 of my Lemonymous 10th Anniversary BTS production series, I talk about how I utilized Discmakers templates for the booklet.

Ender Bowen - Lemonymous Cover

This year I put together, raised money for, and released a 10th Anniversary version of my album Lemonymous. Here’s part 1 of how I did it.

In today’s “DIY” culture of music production artists, bands and musicians are confused about whether or not they actually need a Manager.

You just spent all that hard-earned money on a boring demo! Hear me out – try these things to make that studio trip worth while.