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No matter how much you try, growing up is inevitable. And as long as you don’t give up, reaching your goals is only a matter of time.

How Do You Say Goodbye To An Enormous Part Of Your Life

In December of ’06 I bought an ’05 Hyundai Elantra. For ten years, it saw the highs, lows and changes in my life. Now I’m faced with having to say goodbye.

The Real America Isn't Divisive

The Real America Isn’t Divisive

2016 may have shown us something awful, but once the smoke cleared, I saw the real America, surrounding an overturned SUV on the interstate.

Fatherhood - Not Unlike Cards Against Humanity

Being a father has been an experience that I never could have expected. In many ways, it’s as bizarre and random as Cards Against Humanity.

Cold November

Cold November

Something happened twenty years ago today that changed my life in ways I couldn’t have possibly imagined.

Why I Have Hope For America's Future

Looking at the state of the union, it would appear that we have all but accepted a depressing fate. But the movie SULLY gave me hope.

How To Tell If You're Moving Forward

You may feel like you’re not getting anywhere, but there’s an easy way to see that you’re actually moving closer to your goals.

The Thing About Having A Child That No One Tells You

When you have a child, your life suddenly becomes this intense empathetic struggle. No one prepares you for this dramatic change.

The True Meaning of Memorial Day

Our servicemen and women gave themselves for all of us – free of color; free of race; free of political leaning. How do we truly honor that?