Ender Bowen shares and reviews new music discoveries with readers. Artists and bands can submit their work for review too!

The Killers Brandon Flowers

New Music From The Killers, Arcade Fire, New Pornographers


20 years on, U2 POP is one of the most amazing, but under-appreciated, pieces of the band’s canon. Here’s some of its story, and why it begs another look.

Signal-To-Noise I Won't Let The World Become A Prison

More To Say

A special Listen Up follow up featuring the music video for “Something To Say” by Signal-To-Noise.

I’ve Got Something To Say

New music from SpaceKat Tommy, Signal-To-Noise and Joywave.

Returning To The Moon

Songs by EL VY, Borns and Charli XCX.

My Top 5 David Bowie Songs

This week – in celebration of The Thin White Duke – I’m sharing my five favorite David Bowie songs. Come check them out and share yours!

This week’s Listen Up features St. Vincent, Passion Pit, Beach House and more!

This week in my journal I thought I’d share some of the music I’ve been listening to lately. I’d love to know what YOU are listening to!