Become A Better You. One Day At A Time.

Offer A Compliment To Someone You'd Least Like To

No matter how you feel about someone, it has little to do with who they really are. So offer a compliment – it may be well-deserved.

Dance Like Everyone Is Watching

Dancing is one of the most basic expressions of who any given human being is. So dance like EVERYONE is watching and share the Joy of you!

Be James Bond

Do you feel you lack confidence? Are you looking for an easy way to attain it? Here’s a simple thing to try: pretend you’re James Bond.

Do Not Let Yourself Feel Powerless

No one likes to feel powerless, as though the entire world is against you. How can you empower yourself to bend that world to your will?

Make Someone's Day By Sharing The Power Of A Smile

If you want to make someone’s day and turn their whole outlook around, start your day with a smile – and keep smiling – then watch it go viral!

Why You Should Love Yourself

The more you know and love who you are, the better you will treat others, and the more compassionate you will be. Learn more about the person in the mirror.

Make An Effort To Get To Know Your Neighbors

There are many things you can do to get to know your neighbors. In doing so, you will inspire Joy in yourself, your new friends, and your community.

How Are You Contributing To The Problem

In the adult world, being right is more than just being factually correct. If you’re not being compassionate, you are likely contributing to the problem.

Be More Productive - Stop Being A

Nothing stifles your productivity more than “but”. If you want to be more productive, stop being a “but”-head and drop it from your vocabulary.