Official reviews of Ender Bowen’s music, books and other works.

Neon Apocalypse Album Cover

Find out why TunedLoud compares Ender Bowen “…to rock legends like Tom Petty and George Harrison” in their review of NEON APOCALYPSE!

Neon Apocalypse Album Cover

Chris Brock of The Watertown Daily Times has reviewed Ender Bowen’s latest reissue – the 15th Anniversary of Neon Apocalypse.

Neon Apocalypse Album Cover

Find out why the music review blog Jamsphere says of Ender Bowen’s Neon Apocalypse – “The writing is superb and the music is full and vibrant”!

Neon Apocalypse Original Hill News Review

Celebrate 15 years of NEON APOCALYPSE with this original Hill News 4-Star review from December of 2001!

Lemonymous Press Image

Find out why Music City Nashville calls Lemonymous and Lemonymix a “…supply of emotive and emotional atmospheric anthems”.

Ender Bowen - Lemonymous Cover

Find out why Indie Band Guru calls Lemonymous a “testament to driving on even when you were ahead of your time”.

Ender Bowen - Lemonymous Cover

Ender Bowen’s 10th Anniversary reissue of LEMONYMOUS was recently called a “highly versatile tour de force” by JamSphere.

Ender Bowen - Middle Aegis

Ender Bowen’s latest album reviewed by Justin Stokes at the Murfreesboro Pulse.