Creative Consultation And Guidance

Are you suffering from writer's block? Are you having trouble trying to flesh out your concept and turn it into a workable, original story?

Are you a musician/artist trying to put the final touches on a song or a recording, but feel there's something missing?

Are you generally just having trouble moving forward with your project? Do you keep hitting a wall?

I know what it's like to feel like you're in a creative rut. I know the pressure you're under. And I know what it takes to get back up and moving forward again.

Let me help you move that project forward. Let me help you get out of your head and onto the page. Let me help you put your heart into the music.

I am currently offering 30 minute, 1 hour and 2 hour creative consultations via text chat. During that time, you'll explain to me the problem, and I will discuss with you ways that you can move forward including:

  • How to organize your time more effectively.
  • How to be more creative in the time you have.
  • How to think past the issues that are blocking you.
  • And many more.

I also offer gig extras like documentation with helpful suggestions & other hints and tips, all geared toward YOUR specific project. See FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I can help with short stories, screenplays, novels etc, as well as music and some general projects. The idea is not to provide you with specific ideas for your project but to assist you in moving past the things that are blocking you so that you can complete it.

Not by default, but as a gig extra. Keep in mind that it's not really reasonable to expect that I can read a novel or a 30+ page script before we chat and know how to help - if it's something large, be prepared to explain or give examples of the problem so that we can maximize our time together.

Not by default, but I do offer a gig extra where after our chat I will take the details of what we discussed, including a summation of my suggestions and recommendations, and put them in a PDF document for your review and safe-keeping. I will email that to the email address you've already provided, or send it to you on Fiverr.

In the gig requirements I will ask for your email, and I'll invite you to Flock, which is a chat suite. If you prefer chatting on Fiverr's messaging system, please let me know. We will schedule a time somewhere within the allotted "completion time" frame that each package has.

Sure! Just send me a message and we can work out some kind of an offer. The more I know about your project the better (just please keep it concise and to the point).

That's a fair question. In the requirements section I have a statement that says I am only chatting with you about your project in the capacity of a consultant. Remember, this isn't about helping you come up with ideas, it's about helping you to find those ideas yourself, and conquer roadblocks.

No problem! Please ask any additional questions via the contact form at the right.