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Come To PassionRead more +17 April 2018 By Ender Bowen in God Jots

Come To Passion: The Deliberate Nature Of Compassion

Compassion isn't something that just happens. Nor is it something that you accidentally fall into. The idea behind Compassion is that you "come to passion" - you actively and deliberately engage in it. Person to person.
Definitely MaebyRead more +11 April 2018 By Ender Bowen in The Journal

Definitely Maeby: Why One Must Always Check The Gate

Sometimes in life we take certain things for granted. What happens when we stop paying proper attention to those things? What might we lose? I was reminded of that recently when our dog Maeby got out of our back yard.
Though Times May Change, Good Times Don'tRead more +09 April 2018 By Ender Bowen in Operation Joy

Though Times May Change, Good Times Don’t

As you grow older and your life, career, environment and times change, you may expect to lose those "good times" you used to enjoy. But if you remain open to new experiences and new Joys, you will find that while times may change, good times don't.

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Directly From My Mouth

Things I've been quoted as saying, and things that maybe I shouldn't say. From the profound to the absurd (and a whole lot more in between).

  • The two albums that had the biggest influence and impact on me were U2's POP (1997) and The Smashing Pumpkins' Adore (1998). To me the ideal album would be some sort of amalgamation of the two. In some ways I think every time I'm recording a new album I'm trying to make one of those two records.
    On influential albums and the ideal record...
  • The album had a name as early as 2006. I had no idea that it would be 2018 and still not out. One of those instances where life imitates art.
    On naming "The Art of Tactful Procrastination"...
  • Success is not a bad word. It's the best one.
    On "Success"...
  • If you insist on being surrounded only with those who share your opinions, you'll one day find yourself in a room full of folks who wouldn't lift a finger to stop you from choking.
    On the dangers of intolerance of thought...
  • I get so invested in characters that I truly feel there's never an "end". Sometimes the most interesting stories to tell are the ones that happen after.
    On the true never-ending nature of stories
  • What does it matter that people are following or reading you or listening to you if what you are giving them isn't really yourself?
    On giving yourself to an audience
  • I have no delusions about going on national speaking tours. I just want to be helpful to somebody.
    On delusions of grandeur
  • The things I believe, even though I believe them, really are kind of silly if looked at from outside the box of me... which is where most everyone else is...
    On belief
  • I've been afraid of being labeled "too Christian" or "not Christian enough". I don't know if that's better or worse than "too bald" or "not bald enough".
    On being a balding Christian
  • It's okay to question your faith, and it's okay to sometimes be a little pissed off about things, and wonder why the heck God hasn't jumped in and fixed it. The good news is you're still having a conversation with Him.
    On questioning faith

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