Voice Overs And Narration

Voice Overs And Narration

I will provide voiceover or a promotional campaign, radio bumpers, podcast inserts or anything else that you need, for practically any use that you require, at an affordable rate. If you’re looking for an audiobook narration, contact me so we can discuss your project.

“Believe” Wins Award

"Believe" Wins Award

“Believe” Wins Award

Hey, You’re A Dad Again!

Hey, You're A Dad Again!

I’ve always found the phrase “you’re a dad again” to be rather silly. It’s not like you ever stopped being a dad. Or did you? Here’s what I learned.

Some Might Say You Get What You've Been Given

Some might say I’ve been blessed to spend time with my daughter most fathers don’t get. But with the birth of a baby boy imminent, how might things change?

U2 Blackout

Addie Eclipse

The Words Won’t Come Out

The Words Aren't Coming Out

The total eclipse, random letters in my mail box, and the CD Baby Do It Yourself Conference is coming up. Send me your prayer wishes!

Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse

What if God is reminding us through the magnificent beauty of a total solar eclipse that He’s here, watching over all of human kind?

Offer A Compliment To Someone You'd Least Like To

Though you may not like a particular person, that doesn’t mean they have no admirable qualities or accomplishments. So offer a well-deserved compliment.