Come To Passion

Come To Passion

Compassion isn’t something that just happens. Nor is it something that you accidentally fall into. The idea behind Compassion is that you “come to passion” – you actively and deliberately engage in it. Person to person.

Maeby Was Found

Maeby Was Found

Cherry Eye

Maeby's Cherry Eye

Emily And Maeby

Definitely Maeby

Addie At O’Charley’s

Addie At O'Charley's

Though Times May Change, Good Times Don't

As you grow older and your life, career, environment and times change, you may expect to lose those “good times” you used to enjoy. But if you remain open to new experiences and new Joys, you will find that while times may change, good times don’t.

Times Change. Good Times Don’t.

Times Change. Good Times Don't.

More Than Is Reasonable

More Than Is Reasonable

As human beings we fall into these traps where we believe if we’ve been wronged we feel justified in our response. There’s more to experience in life if you rise above reason. You can be more than is reasonable, too!

True Story About Cat Poop

OT: A True Story About Cat Poop

That time the Dee-Bot found a nice, fresh piece of cat poop, and proceeded to ruin an evening with the histinks that ensued.