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Acoustic Live Sessions From Ender Bowen’s Garage

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Why I’ve Been Away

Why I've Been Away

The anniversary reissue is almost done, screw teeth, and I don’t have a heart baby. Find out why I’ve been gone.

Memorial Day And The Coming Manifesto

We had a wonderful Memorial Day with friends – a nice cookout and some great beer (including the Samuel Adams Rebel Rouser Double IPA that I show off here). I wrote a blog about the true meaning of Memorial Day, and I have my Manifesto FINALLY making it out soon – hopefully this week!

Ender Bowen - Video Journal - Blessings In Disguise

I’ve been absent a couple weeks because things have been pretty crazy – I got put back onto the documentary edit, and I have a new job. Both are things that are certainly blessings, however, they didn’t always appear that way.

When Life Tries to Block You

Ender Bowen - The Video Journal - When Life Tries to Block You

The Universe’s greatest weakness in its fight to destroy you is your belief in yourself.

Ender Bowen - The Video Journal - Taking Pride In What You've Done

Don’t be afraid to take a little pride in your hard work. It’s okay to be able to look back and say “I did that”.

Reverse Psychology (Alternate Lemonymix)

The Official Music Video for “Reverse Psychology (Alternate Lemonymix)” from the album LEMONYMIX.