Learn What You Could Do RIGHT NOW To Inspire Joy!

People who have read my Operation: Joy books have said to me "I love your daily missions, but is there something I can be doing right this moment - something I can action right now"?

The short answer is "YES"!

(The long answer, if you were wondering, is "YYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSS"!)

In this super-easy-to-read mini eBook I pulled together 10 of my favorite tasks that you can do right this moment to inspire Joy in yourself and other people. They're so easy to do that most of them can be performed from right where you're sitting!


Each task has either a story giving you my own personal experience, or simple tips to help you along.

Download my free eBook today! Get on the path to becoming the best version of you, and spread a whole heap load of Joy while doing it!