Release Date: September 29, 2015

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Lemonymix is a special remix, rarities, acoustic and alternate takes album released alongside the 10th Anniversary Edition of Lemonymous.

The lyrics for “March of Thieves (Original Intent Lemonymix)” were the ones originally written for the song for the Lemonymous release, however, Ender had trouble singing them during the recording of that album, so the vocal had a much more random and cut-up feel. The entire vocal was completely re-recorded as originally intended and mixed into the original backing track for Lemonymix.

“Goodbye (Manipulation Embryonic Lemonymix)” is actually the original demo of “Manipulation Under Stress” that first appeared on the 1998 demo The Ender of Something Beautiful. Here, it’s an entirely garage-rock oriented track, very rough, and serves to show what Ender was doing and sounded like in the very early days.

“Another Moment” was originally included on the Special Edition of Lemonymous in 2009, but was recorded in late 2005, and reflected upon the dissolution of Ender’s second engagement, which ended the same day Lemonymous was released.