Release Date: March 15, 2005

Reissue Date: September 29, 2015

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Lemonymous was actually the working title for the album that eventually became 2001’s Neon Apocalypse. Even the “Evil Lemon” was originally intended for that release.

The album was originally released exclusively through CafePress.

“Hide And Seek” was the first song being developed for the album as early as 2003, almost immediately after the release of that year’s Scarlet Dawn.

“Manipulation Under Stress” is the final incarnation of a song that first appeared on the Lemon Tea demo in 1998 (as “Goodbye”) and again on the 1999 demo The Ender of Something Beautiful. In both versions, it was more reminiscent of garage rock.

“My Girl, My Love, Let’s Kiss” was written for the Julia of Neon Apocalypse‘s “Julia”, taken from the writing on the first three Valentine’s heart candies that Ender pulled out of a bag, in February of 1999. It went through various re-writes and was intended as a Frank Sinatra song until it was finalized as it appears here. It was originally intended for 2003’s Scarlet Dawn, as the line “Welcome home to the scarlet of the dawn” attests.

“Not For Lack of Trying” was taken from a piece of digital music Ender produced in 1999, revisited and expanded upon here with lyrics and additional parts. This is the same for “Autumn” (apart from it not having any lyrics).

“Fate” was an experiment built off of a built-in song style on Ender’s Yamaha keyboard.

“Alive” was originally written in 1998, but never found a true home until it was recorded for this album.

“Reverse Psychology” was so named because it was built backwards – the last third was recorded and arranged first, then the middle, then the beginning.