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The Killers Brandon FlowersRead more +23 June 2017 By Ender Bowen in Listen Up

New Killers, Arcade Fire, New Pornographers

New Music From The Killers, Arcade Fire, New Pornographers
U2 POPRead more +04 March 2017 By Ender Bowen in Listen Up

U2 POP: Twenty Years Later (And Still Loving It)

20 years on, U2 POP is one of the most amazing, but under-appreciated, pieces of the band's canon. Here's some of its story, and why it begs another look.
Signal-To-Noise I Won't Let The World Become A PrisonRead more +11 March 2016 By Ender Bowen in Listen Up

More To Say

A special Listen Up follow up featuring the music video for "Something To Say" by Signal-To-Noise.

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